motivation1What is the force that makes you get up in winter mornings, face the traffic and spent all day dealing with all kinds of problems? And what are the things that knock you out, destroy your morale, make you  feel that you are climbing  a hill ?

The “morale boosters” are this things that you keep on track, working and achieving, is the fuel that you need to go for on goal to another and pushing yourself forwards.

On the contrary, the “morale bummers” are those that keeping you down, things that destroy your enthusiasm. They are very diverse, because every one has different kind of motivators depending on personality, values and goals.

Some of them (not an extensive list):

#1 First Booster-or-Bummer: “Financial rewards”

Everyone needs a basic economical stability, to live the present  and planning the future. When you are dealing with  uncertainty, or struggling to just pay the bills. Is difficult to find other motivator..

Financial distress, also could be produced when you think you are under-paid, in comparison with similar colleagues in similar roles. The feeling to be underpaid, could lead to  a constant sensation of unfairness that play against your motivation.

#2 Your boss

Some people don’t like it to admit, but recognition or negative feedback from the boss affect motivation. After all, the boss is the person who could promote you or could put you in the street. The same way that happen with parents, you don’t choose your boss. So sometimes you have a boss that challenge you and give you impulse further, and sometimes you don’t. Either way, you have to deal and adjust to your boss.

#3 Be relevant

The sensation of be relevant and useful could be a powerful motivator. Nevertheless, this could differ from one person to another. Some will feel their relevance more through their products (example a new report that was useful) and some will feel  rewarded by other’s opinions (example, customer satisfaction). On the other side, working in meaningless or non-relevant tasks could destroy any morale.

#4 The feeling to be part of a clan 

We are gregarious. Despite the cult of the individualism, a powerful motivator is to be part of a group, a community, a professional network. The need for share and grow from other in everyone. Feeling part of an organization, and enjoy the relationships in the workplace, is undoubtedly a “Booster”. In the negative approach, feel to be “the outsider” and never engaged on the culture of the group, could be felt as swimming against the stream. After all sometimes little kind gestures of our colleagues or customers, makes the day a lot easier.

#5 Problems

This could be a tricky one. How in the world, problems could be motivators? Well, ask people who spent their entire life (like physics) searching solutions or answers,  for problems and questions. Even when you don’t get to the solution, but closer, could be a booster, On the negative side, a real overwhelming amount of problems, or ones that seems impossible to handle, could create a stress that create a bummer to your morale.

Can you recognize another “boosters” or “boomers” besides the ones mentioned? 


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