Anyone in the career path, had or will have a terrible boss, that will break your nuts… But that it doesn’t mean that your boss is wrong and you are right.

If you are the unfortunate to have a barely tolerable boss, just before jumping to conclusions, ask yourself some questions:

Are you in some part responsible about the interaction with your boss? 

Some studies are searching that employees are oversensitive to criticisms. Take a breath, and look if there is anything that you are doing to contribute to a health relationship with your boss, or by the contrary, you are acting too defensive. Maybe you are misinterpreting the message, and focus too much on the form and not in the content. Figure it out, what is really the message, and try to understand your reactions, is the first step to manage them.

Are you expecting liking your boss? 

The boss is a key figure when you are in a work. Is the one who evaluate you, and has the power to help you grow, or by the contrary  break your wings. Is so natural that you will try to build a near relationship (kind of “friendship”) with him / her. The answer is that you shouldn’t. There is a difference between “liking” or “respect”. If there is a respect issue, that is different, but don’t turn the relation with your boss on an emotional level, and try to cope with the situations. Maintaining a long term perspective about your goals, will help to this. And remember maybe he has power, but also you have and other managers have too (probably a leader above him).

Ok, Your boss is horrible. Is there any way to cope with this?

In this article, it is mentioned that the most common complain about bad bosses, is that they fail to recognize, communicate in appropriate manner, and they change their priorities very often.  The good news after all this downer, is that you can learn to cope with all these, before you making the decision to quit:

  • Anticipate the problem. Probably your boss is more sensitive to some things than anothers. Figure out what are these things and work on them.
  • Work more with your boss. You have to be more active in clearing priorities or setting the goals, if this is not a skill of your boss, try to get near and be more informed.
  • Let your bad boss transform you in a better employee. Solve the work problems, and then let them know that you were the responsible. Take the initiative, and don’t act like  a subordinate or a “yes man”. Take accountability and solve the issues.
  • If your boss doesn’t respect you – stay firm . Don’t give your personal power to the bully. try to understand the situation and remain very sure about your accomplishments (if you have them documented, is better). Sometimes you will need take a little risk in confronting him / her,  but always do it with a strategy.

Do you share this tips? How had or have you cope with bad bosses?


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