6 Top Pitfalls of Business Failure

Once upon a time, in the corporate world, managers go out in a sort of retreat for a couple of days  to define the strategic plan for the next 5 years.  On those days, with door closed, they review the good, the not so good and the bad moves occurred during the period. Conclusions and promises are made. And like new year’s resolution a list of new purposes and objectives are defined with the best of the intentions.

When they go back to the headquarters, they prepared campaigns to communicate enthusiastically all the new goals and purposes. Most of the times, the employees received them with grim humor and with  “just more work to do” attitude. Finally after 6 months or so, the list of 20 new projects, is reduced to three big projects, that takes a double time than expected.

I have seen the above  several times, in big corporations or small size companies.

In my perspective, one of the important errors, is to give  strategical thinking just a couple of days in a year and then return to the operational mode. Most of the time, employees and managers preferred to drive safe inside the procedures and the status quo.

Nevertheless strategical thinking is a muscle, and  is built with repetition. It appears when managers inquire and challenge the status quo.  So there is always space of strategical thinking even in the face of the demands of operations.

So the question before making the strategy, is how we could become a more strategical culture in our daily operations? I think maybe that is most important than two days of retreat and an interminable list of resolutions.


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