Nowadays, it is very common to hear about “personal brand”. Their advocates said that in order to differentiate yourself from the rest of professionals you need to find your unique traits and promote them using the tools of marketing and social media. Like working with a brand, you need to find puns, and sentences consistent with your brand. Your pitch, resume and attitude must match your brand.

I have to admit that this concept makes me uncomfortable at first. Just imagine myself as a product to be marketed and seems to me like the destruction of the self. “If we treat ourselves as products, what will remains of humanity”, my inner voice protested. Putting all in the same bag, I  avoided all speeches related with “elevator pitch” or “self marketing”.

But getting a little more deep in the  concept, I found that maybe I was confused. I interpreted, erroneously, self branding as a way to build and show a phony image of ourselves. So struggling with myself, I learned that in this busy world we have only a few minutes to show ourselves. So maybe self branding as a tool to know your unique strengths was not that bad after all.

First impressions are difficult to erase, and that is a hard true. When we are in a job interview, we have only that chance, that answer to differentiate and make a lasting positive impression. Maybe, and only maybe, self branding  could help as a tool of self knowledge and preparation to summarize ourselves in those situation.

Nevertheless, is a tricky concept, that could be mistaken. Specially with self called -gurus- who are trying to impose a perfect recipe that guarantee the success in any interview. Please be aware: there are no recipes in that field, and most of the tips are to avoid spoil your interview. Getting the job will be the outcome of the synchronicity of two opposite forces: your ambition  and the company’s desire for reaching their goals.




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