I arrive every day at my office and turn on the automatic pilot. I start reviewing  my lists of calls, mails, reports, meetings, tasks. It feels good when I cross over all those words. Days go fast. Weeks fly. Months then and finally years.

Mostly I am a harvester. Cutting wheat is what I do. And is comfortable. You just move the sickle, joke with your peers,  learn tricks to do just what is needed to meet your goals. No surprises, no unexpected, no uncertainties.  In control of a box. I realized that understanding how to move the sickle never will really make a difference.

Is a decision. I have just 25-26 years of active working life and I spent already 12. I would say that 80% of those time, I am doing grinder work. Thar means almost 10 years, feeding the machine and keeping on movement. What was the real contribution of that 80%? Did I ever accomplish something big?

I don’t do big decisions. I don’t have a sit on that table. And maybe I never will do it, at least in my company. But I have in my hands the power to understand better. The power to ask a
nd listen.

I started talking with the people on the programs for which I work for. I gathered a lot of information about their daily challenges.  A week later I shared an idea on a meeting about a report and it was really well received. Now is a tool that management use. Why did I wait so long to start doing this? It was just a simple idea, that came from listening.

Maybe I was afraid to gaining more responsibilities. Maybe I was telling to myself that I am just a harveste
r. All was just because I learned a little more about the employee needs. Nobody taught me this valuable information in orientation, meetings or training.

I have more on my plate now,  in the same position and still doing a lot of grinder work. But I realized that even in my limited position I can contribute much more from really understand my business. And I realized that nobody will do it for you.

What are you doing now to understand the business you are in? To understand the people you work with?

you really understand your job?


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