quantitative-obsessionHow many times have you write down your goals, only to abandon them, and then start all over again?

Have you ever felt depressed after accomplish an important goal (new job, new house, etc.) for which you worked so hard?

Did you feel bored (or overwhelmed) learning in a field or discipline that you always wish to dominate?


A common mindset, encouraged by media and society,  is the notion of success measured by a higher title, more money, a better social status, or a rock-star kind of life (picturing girls, beach, cocktails and maybe a yacht). The focus is in to achieve a fit body, to be admired by others, to be praised as a powerful, awesome, cool person. We are obsessed with social image.

In a conversation, if we talk about others achievements we will tend to talk about the new management position obtained or the last travel to Fiji. It is rare to hear that somebody admire other because he “found himself and resign his job to be a Reiki healer”. That will be a little off, and will not fit into the “politically correct” speech.

People would fight to obtain the best selfie publish it in Instagram.

We are addicted to approval and admiration. Maybe is my deep intention in writing this post. I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I feel like I want to write. That’s all.

I’ve been running that ladder. Maintaining a constant investment of energy and time in something that I really don’t want to achieve, but gives me a position I enjoy, such as status, security, approval. And it is draining. Worse than climbing a mountain in Los Andes. And in the end if I got to the top my happiness will last two minutes, or two days, no more.

Society is obsessed with social image: more money, higher titles, more fame, more admiration. And is never enough. A crazy race. And the pressure is in the air. People work without any enjoyment, just with an objective to get there. But once they get there, then what?

If we are in an interview, and they ask us what are your goals, nobody will say “to enjoy my work as much as I can”. It will sound complacent, without ambition. Probably we will never get the job.

Nevertheless, maybe if we find that enjoyment, thriving and accomplishing will come naturally. And all the quantitative obsession will come: more money, more confidence, more admiration, etc. Ironic thing will be that maybe we will not care anymore about those things.




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