lg_controlledchaosIn Greek mythology, Chaos was the first thing that exist. It contained all the elements together in a “shapeless heap”. Eros (Love), Gaia (The Earth) and Erebus (Darkness) born from Chaos. Is a primordial state that contains all the seeds together.

In Mathematics, the Chaos theory, is a dynamic system, that states that even in chaotic systems, there is an underlying pattern which depend highly on the initial conditions. Is the called “effect butterfly” in which a little change on the initial conditions (the flight of a butterfly) can leads to a significant different outcome, such as a Tornado.

Chaos is a strong force, but not necessarily it is destructive. Maybe is necessary.

In an organization everything is related. Any little change in one end, could affect a totally different part. Like the flight of the butterfly, a single unfortunate email could lead to a huge conflict in an organization. On the contrary, maybe just a random call could lead to a huge business opportunity.

Being aware about Chaos, will make us prepared for challenges and opportunities, for the uncertain, that could come any day, at any time.

Usually people is scared about change and chaos, but there is no more dangerous thing that remains stable and the same, in a world of constant evolution and change.


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