This post is about the easy and harmful negative habit of not following up. Is about not taking accountability of your commitments, your initiated relationships, or your dreams.

We live in the social media realm. Everything is instant, and there is a constant and overwhelming flow of information. Nothing stay for too long and everything is dissolved in that endless stream.

The interactions in social media are nimble. It is a common practice, not to respond messages nor following up with people. Many ideas and projects dissappear in the air. Same thing with relationships.

Not following up, nowadays, is normal.

Sometimes I do it. I don’t respond to messages nor follow up with someone with whom I started already a connection. When I do it, I feel bad. What haunted me is that I might created some expectations that now I’m leaving unfinished. I feel bad because I know the sensation of being left on the air, without any answer. Is an awkward situation.

When I talk about it, people tell me that I shouldn’t feel guilty. That I’m the one who is wrong for creating expectations in the first place. But how is possible not to expect, if a conversation around possibilities has already started?

Maybe not to follow up anything, is something that is becoming normal. Maybe all this instant gratification at the tip of our fingers is killing our motivation for creating a commitment with something. Maybe we don’t care about building anything because we will be accountable for it. Maybe we prefer to be drifting by this endless flowing of sensations and information.

Maybe that way is more comfortable. But at the end of the day the sensation of being unproductive and unfulfilled will be there anyway.

What do you think? I would appreciate your thoughts about it.


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