Recently I saw a very interesting documentary about an Icelandic concept: “InnSaei”, which basically refer to intuition, or using a non-rational (left side brained) approach when it comes to decisions.

Nowadays, we live in a world saturated of data and information. We are bombed everyday, with self improvements recipes, social media “gurus”, and unlimited “options”,. Practically everything is at reach of our fingerprints. Nevertheless, more and more people feel trapped, isolated and alienated.  We are lost in data, tips and missing pieces of information.

“Innsaei” is counter-intuitive. It encourages you to use the right side  of your brain, which only is just used in a minor proportion compared to our left side.The right side is responsible for analyzing multiple factors at the same time,  left side brain is in charge of the focused function. But intuition defies rationality. Decisions seems risky based on intuition because it considers factors that are beyond logic.

Nevertheless, contrary of what we could naturally think,  intuition is not sorcery nor looking at the stars. Intuition relies in unconscious knowledge, based on hundred of years of evolution. Intuition integrates experience, confidence, conversations, dreams and many other factors, which finally makes the decision process an holistic approach instead of partially rational approach.

Have you ever has the sensation about someone, and you can’t explain why you have it? Have you ever had taken a decision about a new endeavor, a new trip, and you really can’t figure why you did it?

Decisions made based on intuition, consider an holistic approach. In the documentary, they give the example of Polynesian sailors, who without any navigation instrument, were able to travel thousands of miles through the ocean just observing the water, the clouds, and the sky and making assumptions regarding temperature and other factors. This knowledge was acquired by hundreds of years and transmitted orally through generations. Jung studied the function of intuition, as a crucial part of our “collective unconsciousness”, a wisdom acquired for thousands of years of civilization and evolution.

How much we listen to our intuition in our lives? Do we trust our inner call when it comes to decisions? How much we relies on what our inner sense tell us about people? Or about decisions?

Maybe we should listen a little more to our intuition. But how we really listen to it? Next post I will talk about it.





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