learning-to-receive (1)

For many people (me included), asking is quite harder than giving. We always volunteer to help and take the lead in taking more responsibilities. This is fine, only that we don’t know how to ask for rewards. The generosity is usually well received, but even with that there is a sense of unfairness in the end. Many times this giving and giving reach a point of anger. So then we ask what we want, but not only is now to late, but also our attitude don’t help us to get the reward.

In our mindset, rewards are fruit of discipline and hard work, without shortcuts. There is a pride in the good job, and the advance is one milestone at a time. We remain humble and low key.

Do any of these characteristics sound like yourself? Do you feel sometimes frustrated and blaming your boss about not giving you more? Did you ask?

I didn’t know how to ask. And now I’m just a newbie on that. Nevertheless, guess I have some ideas that might help in this learning:

First, you need to be very clear on what you deserve. This comes from a realistic assessment about what are you doing, and how much you are capable to give. Don’t be shy in aiming high, but don’t get over your head neither. Do a realistic assessment about about your current skills and knowledge. Listen to your inner voice to get a real sense of about your capacities. This mindset will help you demonstrate self-confidence and professionalism which will pave the road.

Second, define what you want to ask and the reasons of your petition. Be specific and clear. Be prepare for different responses and scenarios. Imagine how you will respond to any of those. For example, if you are asking about a promotion, give numbers, facts, and examples of your work, and be prepare to reactions. Consider the context, but also consider that your company might create the resources to retain you (if they really want it).

Third, if you don’t get you want, remember that you already set up your own sense of value. If you maintain this mindset and you keep doing the good work, you should see good news soon. If not, at least you gain a new perspective which will be much helpful for your career.


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