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Sometimes the most fascinating discoveries are the simpler ones. Just a subtle realization that we don’t have all the truth, can develop many possibilities and free ourselves from our secured but limiting points of view.

First, we realized our biased point of view, when we liberate ourselves of having to be completely right all the time. When we understand our limitations as human beings and accept the fact that we cannot comprehend all, we certainly accept other’s points of view.

We don’t have a problem when other’s point of view complement ours, but what happens when its opposite. When they question our thinking or feeling. Do we try to understand them better or we close completely? Are we open to find some truth in other’s views, sometimes very different than ours?

Sometimes we try to defend our thoughts and feeling, justifying them because of past experiences. But not because they worked in the past, they will work in your current position.

Be always open to new ideas!




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