One of the things that most impressed me when I arrived in NY, was the amount of mental illness you can see on the street. Homeless, people talking with themselves, others yelling at the cars. After a couple of years, I realized that drug addiction and pills for everything are as common as buying groceries in the state.

Based on an article published in Mad_America_sq_newWashington Post, United States is the number 1 in mental illness compared with 27 developed countries. A  quarter of Americans has suffered a mild to several mental illnesses during the last year. Of all the psychological problems, mood disorders, including major depression, dysthymic disorder, and bipolar disorder, are the most prevalent in the U.S.: 9.7 percent of all adults will suffer over the course of a year, and 21.4 percent will be affected over the course of a lifetime.

Why so much mental illness in America?  Even with economic growth and opportunities, mental illness continues to grow and pharmaceutical becomes more profitable year after year. Maybe the system we live in has something to do.

We take with student loans, a debt we carry all our lives only to enter a job we dont like. A system who is only centered in consume, and how much you can acquire.  You focus on work and become isolated. The media with all the American dream propaganda doesn’t help neither.  All of this makes me wonder, is mental illness a hidden rebellious response to the alienated system, or it just a poor coping mechanism?


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