Changes. For some, the word itself creates some anxiety, for others, excitement. And for many, a mix of fear and joy. The truth is that change is constant. We are in the illusion of stability, and we try to plan in advance in order to avoid surprises. We create schedules, budgets, career paths, etc. And all of that is necessary. But none of that will prevent economic turmoils, existential crisis, or the arrival of a new style of management in the company.

We are trained to fear change. When kids, we know exactly what to do in school and the road was pretty traced. And then we try to get in into fine grad schools so we can get good jobs. Nobody explains any alternative to that path. In the workplace, we have a job description and we just stay within its scope. Again, we remain in the illusion of permanency, denying all signs that warned us to change.

I’ve experienced it in my life and I’ve seen it in other people. We block our perceptions for subtle signals that were telling us to change and adjust to the new situation. But we choose to stay the same because the fear of uncertainty and we doubt our capability to thrive. And we wait until something shook us up, and we have no alternative but to change.


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