Your level of happiness is inversely proportional to your tolerance to frustration. No matter your money or position in life, you will have to face situations in which things will not flow as you expected, or unforeseen obstacles will keep in your way. Sometimes you will do whatever is in your hands, but people, institutions, or systems might get in your way. Maybe you feel stuck and blocked. If this feeling prevails in time, it might increase your hopelessness or the belief that nothing will change no matter your efforts.
Americans might feel this way. Politicians are just empty promises, the system does not care about the people and everyone is too focused on thrive and survive to care about others.
Frustration starts growing exponentially. People get desperate, and trust account almost reaches the zero balance. And that is when people’s perception turns negative, missing all opportunities and things to be grateful on the road. We just don’t see them. Also, memory gets affected, forgetting all the hassles we encountered in the past. We as humans, are far away to be objective. Everything is tainted by our emotions.
Our level of Happiness has more correlation with our values and satisfaction with the simple things in life, rather than our income or if our country is part of the First World.
In 2012, a study was released called Happy Planet Index. This is a study done by the New Economics Foundation, in 140 countries. The USA was in position 104th from 140. Mexico, in contrast, is the 2nd happiest nation among all the countries. It seems that Mexicans, are enjoying life and supporting each other better than Americans, and even when they might not have all the economic resources than their neighbors. If you want to explore the data, please see http://happyplanetindex.org/.
So next time you will complain about the weather, the politics, your job, your house or your neighbors, think in all those countries where they enjoy everyday life and communities despite their economic, political or material struggle. Therefore, instead of complaining try to find sense in your community and your life. You will see how your frustration will decrease and a happier sunshine will shine in your sky.


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